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How do I turn on/off the Closed Caption settings on the Smithsonian Earth streaming service?

How to turn Closed Captions on or off varies by device. As the video is playing:

  • On Apple TV, swipe down on your remote's Touch surface to reveal the Info panel, then swipe right to see the Subtitles panel. Swipe down and select the option that you want to use.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap the speech bubble icon  in the bottom-right corner of the video player.

  • On your Android phone/tablet or Fire tablet, tap the CC button in the upper-right corner of the video player.

  • On Roku, press the * button on your remote to open the Closed Captions settings.

  • On Amazon Fire TV, press the center select button on the remote to reveal the player controls, then select the CC button in the bottom of the video player.
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