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How do I subscribe to the Smithsonian Earth streaming service on my Amazon Fire TV®?

If you have payment set up on your Amazon Fire TV®, you can download the Smithsonian Earth app and sign up for a subscription directly from your device. Once you become a subscriber, you can set up a password for your account and use your credentials to watch on your computer or any of our supported devices.


  1. On your Amazon Fire TV®, go to Search and enter ‘Smithsonian Earth’.
  2. Download the Smithsonian Earth app and open it.
  3. Inside the app select a video and select ‘Subscribe’.
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen, and once you’ve purchased your subscription, you’ll receive an email with a registration link for setting up a password for your account. Completing this step allows you to use your account credentials to access Smithsonian Earth across all supported devices, including our website.

After the free trial subscription ends, your monthly subscription will continue and you will be billed through your Amazon® account. To avoid being billed, you must cancel before the end of your free trial period. To learn more about how to cancel your subscription, click here.

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